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Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
Master Degree, MIT'92 - The Compton Prize Awarded

Professor Assistant of Advanced Urban Planning / RE Development courses, MIT
Visiting Lecturer: 3rd EASA, Scola de Belas Artes e Arquitectura, Lisbon,
Proposed Lecturer position by the Kuwait and QU Universities (1998 and 2010),
Offered contract for a Lecturer at Wenzhou Technical University, Zhejiang (2017)
Proposed Lecturer position by the FRESS School of Design, EU, 1994

J. J. Gruzewskl's Selected Press Interviews and Publications:

The Town & Country global magazine, New York City, NY, 2015 February issue
proposed Press Interview by the Khaleed News, Dubai, UAE for 2015
The Eccentric News (The Birmingham Press), Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA 1987
The House and Garden architectural magazine, Boston, MA, 2003
The Architekt Magazine, Murator, Warsaw, January issue, 2000
The Anglo-Portuguese News, Lisbon, Portugal, 1985
The Casa Decoracao magazine, Lisbon, Portugal
The Taburet magazine

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design + development management - urban planning - real estate - commercial architecture - interiors - historic projects

In 1988, 1992-93, Project Architect & Lead Urban Planner of known MYA, USA

My GM, PM, Urban Planning, Design supervision and Property Development Management services advantages are based on my 27+ year long international work experience (USA, Europe, GCC), and 8 year MIT + PW architectural education. I have directed hospitality, commercial, cultural, retail, residential projects, golf & beach resorts, town planning and mixed use property developments.

Accomplished senior director, chief urban planner, principal architect, MD and business developer with a broad international experience in projects of diverse use and scale. I have directed and desigend the hospitality, residential, interior design / reconstruction, educational, historic projects, cultural and mixed use developments.

I have held  most positions from an Architect, Urban Planner, Project Manager up to the supervisory GS-15 and SES graded roles. I had a pleasure of leading, managing, reviewing, approving, correcting or designing many property developments, and iconic projects up to $67 Billion USD in total.

Among them: the Saadiyat Island (Abu Dhabi) mega mixed use property development, the Olympia beach resort in Greece, ADTA Mangroves property development, Dubai Tennis community, the Mirbat property development for Oman, the $970 Mn USD signature Porto Jumeirah waterfront property development, Ajman Marina, Checiny Town, the Bawadi 3,600 hamixed used development, hotels (Greece, UAE, Germany, Turkey, Hungary), World Trade Center in Istanbul, the Al Quos Jumeirah housing project, the $740 million Saudi Arabian King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture for the Saudi Aramco. I have directed many concept developments for the RE Investors.

I assist the Real Estate Investors with the leadership of : project / commercisal management, business development, design supervision, architectural competitions organization, property marketing, and the RE property development management.


In 1989-91, I was a Principal Architect (Design & Construction Director) of the $124 million USD BM Estate in Princeton, NJ. This one of a kind, $20 million USD reconstruction, PM and high-end interior design project was directed (and designed) by me for a widow of Mr. John Seward Johnson (Johnson & Johnson Corporation), for passed away in 2013 known art collector RIP Mrs Barbara Piasecka-Johnson. This pearl of American Estates is known as the TPC Jasna Polana, PGA Tour Golf Resort today, USA.

I direct projects in all their phases:
conceptual, feasibility, design development, project management, the RE property development management
financial control, planning and in construction supervision phase.

Construction Supervision

I direct, design and PM supervise:
mixed use / hospitality / waterfront / residential / retail real estate property developments, marinas, 500 - 5,000 SM residences (luxury palaces up to 25,000 SM), shopping centers, golf & beach resorts, health and civic centers, airports, town re-developments, master planning, public use, educational bldgs, museums and historic projects.


Architectural Competitions Management

Press Interview, January 2000

services I provide :
land use
business development
architectural design lead
zonning + communication
planning & finance control
real estate feasibility studies
project and GM leadership
executive and PM leadership
urban solutions / UP concepts
design guidelines, F+R, RFI, RFP
finance & investment management
town, master, urban planning services
general / project and design management
teams, consultants, contractors supervision
client representation & business development
design, RE property development management
marinas and waterfront design and construction
hospitality, commercial and residential concept design
international competitions organization and management
large scale, mixed use property developments urban concepts
commercial management, real estate property development planning services

Properly executed Design / Master Planning, RE Property Development Management, PM,, Planning services save up to 15% on investments, and can cut construction time up to 7%. This translates to millions USD (£) in real savings. High-quality architectural design can increase buildings RE market value by 10%, and attractive interior design by additional 4-5%
My 1989-201x clients:

HrH, Ruler of Dubai, Prime-Minister Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktum ($1 Bn Porto Jumeirah iconic Property Development), Saudi Aramco, ADTA (Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority), TDIC, The Nakkeel Development, The Jumeirah International, Dubai Holding, MIZIN Development, DMCAA Property Developers, ASTECO and Pohland Real Estate companies. Abu Dhabi, Middleborough, Dubai, Checiny, Ajman Municipalities, BESS, Banco Caixa de Depositos, ITCM Property Developers, Mr Bin Quraya (KSA), Vista Alegre company. Boston, Rostock, Untergohren (Berlin), Lublin and Warsaw municipalities; RE Property Developers. RIP Billionaire Mrs. Barbara Piasecka-Johnson (former Johnson & Johnson Corporation co-owner), RIP Duke de C., The Al-Nisifs Family (Kuwait), RIP Conde de A.. RE Investors, Banks, Hotels and business owners.

The Emirates Palace Hotel - Marina and Health Club, Abu Dhabi

Master and Urban Planning

You are the most decent and honorable professional I have met in my whole life. Knowing you have been a treasure. Yours always. Saleh Al Y., CEO, Saudi Arabia / Bahrain.

“Jerry is a highly gifted talent in project, design and the real estate property development management and. He brings an international perspective to his work and is readily able to present global best practices to problems. With ease he combines his experiences in North America, Europe and the MENA region to offer truly unique solutions providing a platform for profitability and international recognition.” 2009. Anthony F. , CEO & President , B. Properties LLC , California, USA.

“I was privileged to work with Jerry on a number of proposals and projects, including projects of the highest architectural standards. Jerry is a consummate professional with broad international experience in the management of major projects from conception to delivery of master planned communities to museums and major commercial/residential projects. I would be pleased to be able to work with Jerry again. His integrity and commitment are an all too rare commodity.” P. Quinlan, Regional Director, Middle East & India

Dear Mr. Gruzewski, Our Magazine has special pages about leading architects in the world. We wrote about Piero Fornasetti and Alvar Aalto, Artemide and Zanotta, Haworth and Ligne Roset. I am very impressed by yours projects. What do you think about publishing some of your projects in our magazine ? Sincerely yours, O. Genin. TABURET Magazine.

Abu Dhabi Commercial
Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Projects: PM and Design Management

RE property search - Development Management
Saadiyat Island Development

Architectural Competitions
Architectural Competitions Organization and Management

Dear Arq. Gruzewski, We would very much like to publish your projects in our magazine. I would be interested in knowing what the conditions are. ........ . Yours truly P. Protásio (Casa Decoração), Portugal.

Dear Jerry, I must mention that not many professionals have achieved what you have. Best Regards, Project Consultancy Services Limited, London

“Jerry is a great senior international professional. The man of vision, with a human component well above average. Highly cultured, professionally very flexible, with a deep knowledge of the world. A true business runner, José L., HR director, EU

... arch. Gruzewski is one of the finest directors we have worked with. .... without hesitation, I would use his assistance again ... Bloomfield Hills.

Dear Jerry:. We are currently in the process of seeking high-end architects for a book. The concept behind it is to showcase the finest architecture from across the nation. I'd welcome the time to speak with you. Mike, Publisher, The Perfect Homes, Boca Raton, Florida

The Architect Magazine wrote: " ... arch. Gruzewski's projects are compared to the creations of world's leading architects,  .... "

Vice President
The BQ Office Towers with Retail, KSA

Design Management
Architectural and PM supervision - Development + Design Management

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