MIT, Cambridge

The Gulf Appreciation Certificate,
by Sheikh Fahad Al-Anezi, 2014

The Management & Business Development Ambassador, GCC

Minoru Yamasaki


GRUZEWSKI (Lubicz) Family originates from central Europe. The LUBICZ klan. Since 1596, owners of The Kelme Estate.
Mikolaj and Jan Gruzewski: both educated in Holland (Haga) and Paris, XVI - XVII c. Gen. Jerzy Gruzewski (1592-1651) - Hetman Koronny (Commander in Chief). In ~1673 Jakub Gruzewski married Countess Ana Potocki (later connected to the Espirito Santo)
Family ties with: Count Oginski, Duke Polubinski, Hrh Sapieha, and Duke Wlodzimierz the Great. My Grand Uncle, Juliusz Gruzewski was a leader of The "Listopadowe" Uprising against Russian occupation (1830). Vice-Prime-Minister in 1831. In 1832-35, he became an Ambassador to Switzerland. He has co-founded the "Czapek i Spolka" watch company. Changed to Patek-Philippe Co, Geneva. (Juliusz - son of Baroness Dorota von Osten-Sacken from Kurylandia). Kelme Estate exists today as a regional museum.

The brick manor of Kelme Estate was built in 1780. For more than 400 years Kelme Estate was owned by the noblemen of the Polish origin the Gruzewskis Family.


Jerry has provided me with high quality supervision services throughout ... improving the design to meet our budget constraints. He was responsive to our needs and sensitive to our financial realities. Boston, MA.
member of the WHO's WHO of the International Professionals since 1999.

J. J. Gruzewski, 2022

Member of the Royal Social Business Group
The Gulf (GCC), 2014


Press Interview
, EU, 2000



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MIT, Master of Architecture and Urban Planning, 1992
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
The COMPTON & the AIA Awards, Mass., USA
Professor Assistant of Advanced Design courses, MIT
Visiting Lecturer, 3rd EASA - Department of Architecture, Lisbon
The SES (senior executive services) & the GS-15 grades USA approved

MIT trascript

The MIT (Harvard), the Warsaw Poly (PW) and Detroit Technical Universities educated senior professional with 30+ year international experience in the Real Estate Property Development / Project / Design / GM, Executive Management, Master + Urban Planning, Concept Design, Business Development, Finances (budget control), Construction / fit out supervision, BD, and client representation. Well experienced in managing up to 350+ staff of multinational teams. departments. 9 year GCC, 12 USA and 9 EU work experience. Flexible, pragmatic, result driven, demanding Managing Consultant and Senior Executive Services Director. Grade 15 (step 10) and the SES III level approved by the US Federal employment agency.
Teaching employment offers received from the Qassim University (KSA), Wenzhou Technical University (China), FRESS School of Design (Portugal) and Kuwait University. In 2007-2008, Operations Director for the Saudi Aramco’s iconic, $760 Mn project in East Province. Delivered variety of services as a COO, MD, Lecturer, VP Development, Head of Projects, GM, Business Developer, RE Property Development Management Director, Principal Architect, Project Director, PM, Chief Town / Urban Planner.


Dear Jerry, I must mentioned, that not many professionals have achieved what you have. Best
Regards, Project Consultancy Services Limited, Peter, London, UK.

You are the most dedicated and honorable professional I have met in my whole life. Yours always. Saleh Al Y., CEO, KSA.
“Jerry is a highly gifted talent in executive, project and real estate property development management. He brings an international perspective to his work and is readily able to present global best practices to problems. With ease he combines his experiences in North America, Europe and the MENA region to offer truly unique solutions providing a platform for profitability and international recognition.” 2009. Anthony F. , CEO, B. Properties LLC, USA.

"We are convinced that this is only possible with your documents of the highest qualities. This was the very reason why I contacted you today. Without any flattering: I am sure, it would have been a big fault not to do so, because I see no European senior professional with such impressive experiences in Architecture and the Real Estate Property Development Management like yours, Jerry, Ing Heinrich H.,CEO, Bavarian RE Property Development. The Baltic Sea Resort, 2020"

01.2020, od Eng W. Muranskiego z USA >> "Centralny Port Lotniczy w Polsce powinien poprowadzic i zbudowac Mgr Inz Arch Gruzewski MA, jeden z najlepszych specjalistow w tej dziedzinie w Europie i USA. Prosze o poparcie wniosku. Prosze obejrzec na FB jego ogromne osiagniecia w projektowaniu i w prowadzeniu lotnisk miedzynarodowych i nawiekszych na swiecie mixed-use dewelopmentow ! Jego ogromna praktyke i doswiadczenie. Polski Centralny Port Lotniczy bylby najlepszym Portem na swiecie, pod Zarzadem Pana Gruzewskiego, wykladowcy, absolwenta MIT i PW. SVP Inwestycji Panstwowych, Dyrektora Regionalnego i Zarzadzajacego RE Dewelopmentow z Emiratow Arabskich, KSA, USA, Dyrektora Operacyjnego. Bylego Naczelnego Architekta SwP Barbary Piaseckiej Johnson, Glownego Urbanisty miast i osiedli mieszkaniowych." << eng W. M. Chicago, USA.

Dear Mr. Gruzewski, Our Magazine has special pages about leading architects in the world. We wrote about Piero Fornasetti and Alvar Aalto, Artemide and Zanotta, Haworth and Ligne Roset. I am very impressed by yours projects. What do you think about publishing some of your projects in our magazine ? Sincerely yours, O. Genin. TABURET Magazine.

“Jerry is a great director, and internationally recognized architect, proven. The man of vision, with a human component well above average. Highly cultured, professionally very flexible, with a deep knowledge of the world.
A true business runner.” Jose de L., HR Director, London. 2012
Vice President of Development
To: <> - Subject: Mexico Development; Dear arch. Gruzewski, we will need you for a VP of Development position in Mexico. You will direct approx. $1 billion USD hospitality development in Puerta V.. Initial compensation package will include $240,000 annual salary plus x0% bonus, and equity participation. Respectfully; xxxx, Miami, FL.
1st July 2013, Employment Ref: SrPRD/EMP/UAE013 - Attention: Jaroslaw J Gruzewski.
We acknowledge the signed contract agreement for the Senior Project Director position. We are glad to
have you among our team of senior professionals. Mohammed Al H., HR Director, UAE.

Abu Dhabi, 2007; Vice President of Design
Dear Mr. Gruzewski,
Package to be offered for proposed VP of DESIGN position is AED 65 K basic salary per month (x13), management bonus, international medical plan, allowances .... We are a global consulting firm, based in the USA. Abu Dhabi.

Riyadh, KSA, 2007 - Senior Project Director
We would like to consider you for the following position: Project Director.
Saudi Arabia largest real estate, design consulting companies that is currently planning ……
Please let me know when you would like to meet our CEO ?

Paris, June 2003; Real Estate Properties Aqusition Director
Executive employment proposal for: arch. Jerry J. Gruzewski
We are a leading global Real Estate and Development Managers, with more than $23 billion of public and
Genuine interest in managing our teams in Continental Europe (France, Poland, Germany)
We welcome you aboard.

Dear arch Gruzewski: We are currently in the process of seeking high-end architects for a book. The
concept behind it is to showcase the finest architecture from across the nation. I'd welcome the
time to speak with you. Mike, Publisher, The Perfect Homes, Boca Raton, Florida. 2002.

Subject: Bright Meadow Mansion. Dear Arq. Gruzewski,
We would very much like to publish your Bright Meadow project in our magazine. I would be interested in knowing what the conditions are. ........ . Yours truly P. Protásio (Casa Decoração), Portugal, 2000.
... arch. Gruzewski is one of the finest directors we have worked with. His professionalism, outstanding design, PM and leadership abilities place him among the most talented professionals we have met ... without hesitation, I would use his assistance again, PT Process Inc., Princeton, NJ, USA

1990-2020 Employment and Proposed Contracts :

* COVID-19 stopped: SVP of Development St xxx Residential and Hospitality project - $100M* Mauritius, Concept
* COVID-19 cancelled : Chief Development Officer for KSA Government, mega $500 Bn USD RE property dev. (06.2020)
* COVID-19 interrupted: Principal DM Consultant, the Baltic Sea Resort (~180 ha) in Germany, (08.2020)

2015-2027 - SVP > Managing Director > COO > Sr Managing Consultant, DDMC,  RE PDM, GM+DM+UP
2018 - Proposed President (SVP of Business Development), Real Estate PDM, 1,700 staff KSA RE company
2017 - Received Senior Design Director employment agreement from the Qatar's Govt RE company
2016 - Proposed COO position by the Texas Power construction company, TX, USA (project cancelled)
2015 - Proposed COO (infrastructure lead) employment by the DMCCA Real Estate Company from Dubai
2014 - Rejected by me: Chief Resident Eng  (PM & construction lead) position by the Kuwait Govt.
2013 - Received Senior Project Director employment agreement by the UAE Government Oil & Gas corporation
2008-2014 - VP of Development & Design > MD, DDMC (Real Estate PDM, Design and PM services), Dubai, UAE
2008 - Offered RE Property Development Management Director contract by Dubai Holding, Dubai, UAE
2007 - Offered: VP of Development, beach / golf / residential resort project, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.

2007-2008 - Operations Director, at the F+G / WS Atkins, Dubai, UAE  (resigned in 03.2008)
2007 - Rejected by me: VP of Design, mixed use property developments, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2006 - Offered Senior Project Manager contract to co-lead Arabian Canal mixed use RE Development, Nakheel
2003  - Received Head of Design Department employment offer from NYC Property Development Inc., USA.
1994-1997 - Managing Director / Chief Architect at the Studio ABC International, Poland and Portugal
1994 - Design Director employment contract by the Planobelas Developers Ltd, Portugal.
1989-91 - Project Director / Principal Architect  >> Construction Supervisor, PT Process, Inc.,
Princeton, NJ
also: Construction Manager and Head Town Planner (Checiny Town, Govt commissioned Urban Revitalization).

base salary: SAR 1xx.000/m

my professional grade: 062 / SES III

more info:

Dear Mr. Gruzewski: I would like to thank you so very, very much to reply. I hope, that I can meet as many people as I can that have the professional ethics that you have. Thank You. Rachiel F., Canada.

The SES and Grade 15 (step 10) approved by the US Federal employment agency

Companies cooperated with:
Minoru Yamasaki Architects, Saudi Aramco, DDMCA, Nakheel Property Developers, MIT, F+G / WS Atkins, Dubai Properties, Jumeirah International, Zaha Hadid Architects, Oma+Amo, Snohetta Architects, Politechnika Warszawska, MIZIN Property Development, ITCM Developers, Dubai Land, ASTECO Real Estate PDM,  RTKL, Ajman Municipality, President of Warsaw, ADTA the UAE Govt PM company, Dubai Municipality, TDIC Property Development, Oxford Poly, BESS Bank, PADCO, UN, Lisbon Technical University (as a Lecturer)....

Consultancies :
Temp Services: gruzewski(at); ddmc(at)