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 I consult RE Investors, the A/E, PM, Construction  and the RE Property Development companies


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"We are convinced that our property development is possible with your assistance only. This was the very reason why I contacted you today. Without any flattering: I see no European senior professional with such impressive experiences in Architecture, Projects Supervision and the Real Estate Property Development Management like yours, Jerry. Dr. Ing. Heinrich H., CEO. Bavarian Developments, 2020."

The RE Property Development Management is a controlled evolution of a project from the initial vision to a profitable outcome. Successful property developments come from matching design + planning + cost + project management skills, broad international experience, vision, client needs and the real estate market demand. I have a knowledge, that covers all necessary requirements to create the most profitable RE projects. Through my 30+ year of international work experience with the leading property developers, demanding clients, I understand what makes a project profitable, unique and attractive to buyers. The main words that define successful RE developments are: “location,” “market demand," “design quality,” “feasibility” and this is my approach to all RE property developments.

The principle value that I offer is a broad ability to focus all his efforts on the overall real estate development process, whilst also providing expert advice on individual basis. By examining the entire range of options within the phase by phase development process, I provide comprehensive evaluations that suit each and every investor's specific needs. I act as the client's trusted partner and ensure the highest return on every investment. I focus on the design quality, technical and financial aspects of any RE property development, therefore I provide clients with error free design and/or development management services. I assist RE investors throughout the development and design processes, in order to guarantee the successful outcome of every project. With my professional assistance the maximum return on your investment is assured. Do NOT hesitate to contact me for consultancies in the RE PDM, concept design, master (urban) planning, business development, commercial / project and design management.

Properly executed RE Property Development Management, and DM services save up to 24% on investment, can increase project value by at least 15%, and can cut construction time by up to 10%). Depending on a property development size, construction cost this means $0,3 Mn USD to $300 Mn USD in savings for Investors (my clients).

My Development Management services include : * Client Representation * Site Selection Assessment * Market Research and Analysis * Development Guidelines prep. * Financial Pre-Feasibility Modeling * Design Guidelines * Profitability Options * Communication and Infrastructure * Consultants Selection / Hiring * Design * Architects / Planners / Contractors Supervision * Urban Planning & Design Development coordination.

Design Management:
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I provide consulting services: master / urban planning (to allow optimal design and cost efficient solutions), ALL phases of the RE Property Development, Project / Financial and Design Management processes. Also, the pre-Concept design, Preliminary Design, Design Development, PDM, Feasibility studies, Budget Control, Client Relations, Teams, General, CM and PM supervision.

Additional Services include: master and urban planning supervision  -  institutional, cultural, hospitality projects management  -  residential and high-end interior design project management  -  international competitions organization and management  -  historic reconstruction and preservation projects  -  real estate (RE) property search -  Project Management supervision  -  conceptual architectural design  -  urban revitalization  -  general and commercial management.

arch. Gruzewski
Jerry Gruzewski explains new project to international consultants from: Zaha Hadid, Snohetta, OMA+AMO,
Hans Hollein, WS ATKINS, Henning Larsen companies.

Also, I locate the most profitable land properties (locations) for the future property developments. I direct pre-feasibility studies, communication and density layouts. I supervise Project, Design and RE Development Management. I help selecting the best suited architectural consultants for each project and monitor their work progress (against budget, design qualities, time frame, schedules, client suggestions, constructability and feasibility). I prepare scope of design work, establish required deliverables, improve design qualities, control budget, and monitor consultants. I direct Architectural, RE Property Development, UP competitions. See directed by me iconic $740 million USD the SACC competition project for Saudi Aramco, and the Mimari World Trade Center for Turkish RE Investors (...../commercial.html, 3 links)

I direct business operations, PM, UP, design & property development management

Vice President of Development
To: <> - Subject: Mexico Property Development; Dear arch. Gruzewski, we need you for a VP of Development position in Mexico. You will direct approx. $1 billion USD residential and retail  development in Puerta Valarta. Initial compensation package will include $2x0,000 annual salary, plus x0% bonus, and equity participation. Respectfully; xxxx, Miami, FL.

Dear Jerry, I must mentioned, that not many professionals have achieved what you have. Best
Regards, Project Consultancy Services Limited, Peter, COO, London, UK.

You are the most dedicated and honorable professional I have met in my whole life. Yours always. Saleh Al Y., CEO, Saudi Arabia.

“Jerry is a highly gifted talent in executive, and real estate property development management. He brings an international perspective to his work and is readily able to present global best practices to problems. With ease he combines his experiences in North America, Europe and the MENA region to offer truly unique solutions providing a platform for profitability and international recognition.” 2019. Anthony F. , CEO, B. Properties LLC, USA.

Paris, June 2003; Real Estate Property Director
Executive employment for: arch. Jerry J. Gruzewski
We are leading American. global Real Estate and Development Managers, with more than $23 billion of public and Genuine interest in managing our teams in Continental Europe (France, Poland, Germany)
We will gladly welcome you aboard in August.


With my Real Estate Property Development and Project Management leadership the maximum return on your investment is assured. 30-400 hrs of my affordable (based on a typical international hourly fee table) services bring significant improvements in profitability, design, communication, urban planning qualities, construction time reduction, from several thousands USD, up to hundreds of millions USD. I have already helped saving more than $450+ mln USD consulting RE Property Developments (for Nakheel, DMCCA, TDIC, Saudi Aramco, Pohland Developers, MIZIN, Jumeirah International, ASTECO, Dubai Holding, ITCM GmbH, Boston - Warsaw - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Lublin - Checiny - Ajman - Rostock Municipalities). Do NOT hesitate to contact me for consultancies in the RE PDM, concept design, master planning, business operations, general, project and design management (on next page).


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