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COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE - arch. Jerry J. Gruzewski, MA
Educational, Hospitality, Aviation, Office, Cultural, Retail developments
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Between 1988 and 2017 I have been involved in the design (Design, Town Planning, Project and the Real Estate Property Development Management) processes of the Wayne County (USA, image below), Dammam and Jeddah international airports (WARSAW Commercial Hub & Central Passenger International Airport for 60 mln capacity business concept (delivered to 15-16 Polish Govt members, including: Ministers of Infrastructure, Prime Ministers Mr J. Kaczynski and Donald Tusk, Wojewoda Mazowiecki, President of Warsaw in 2009, and reminded again in 2015 and 2016 to 5-6 current Ministers, A. Adamczyk, President Duda, Prezes J. Kaczynski, Vice-PrimeMinister Morawiecki), on A2 expressway, between Warsaw and Lodz), Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Marina and Health Center (images below), SCHUTOW Commercial, Industrial and Residential Development in Germany, the OLYMPIA Beach Resort in Greece, HUNOR-PARK and GYOR Hotels in Hungary, the World Trade Center in Turkey (MYA), West Beach residential resort in Hawaii, $4,5 Bn JLT residential property development in Dubai, 155,000 inhabitants $24 Bn Saadiyat Island mixed use property development on 2,440 ha (urban planning codes and design reviewer), Religious Center in Boston, MIT's new School of Architecture bldg in Cambridge, Senior Finance & Resource Consultant for the $26 Bn USD BAWADI mega mixed used property development (for about 170,000 inhabitants), CRAIN Inc. Office Building (MI, USA), Ruler of Dubai ( HrH M. Bin Rashid Al Maktum) signature $1 Bn Porto Jumeirah mixed use hospitality/residential development, the Olympia beach resort in Greece, Rostok Town (780 ha residential / retail / hospitality district), Detroit Waterfront Towers (image below), 1 Bullfinch Place Office Bldg in downtown Boston, the Middleborough Town Hall (MA, USA), COMERICA Bank, concepts for the Abu Dhabi and University of California Universities, Dubai Tennis Community development, and many more.
My MIT awarded project,
Religious Center in Boston, was selected by the MIT and American Institute of Architects for several best projects in Massachusetts; architectural exhibition in Boston. Images on pages 1 - 3.
In 1994, I was proposed to design Portuguese Pavilion for the EXPO'98 World Trade Show. In 1995, I received an offer, from Europe's leading property developer, to direct teams of engineers and architects for the Belas Campo Golf resort.
In 2002 I was approved for the executive GS-0808-15, step 10 US
Federal positions (the highest Supervisory / Management employment grade level with the USA architectural, urban planning, PM, PMC and construction companies). Since 2010, I hold the SES (senior executive services) grade for C-level professionals. Please Visit Architectural Competition pages.

JJG - former USA top 20 design consultants the Minoru Yamasaki Architects (USA) Senior Project Architect and Lead Urban Planner (since 1994: COO, MD, Principal Architect, SVP of Development and Chief Urban Planner.
Schutow Hotel 
Olympia Beach Resort 
Saudi Arabia
Hotel, Madrid 
The WC International Airport in MI, USA
Shopping Center in KSA

below text from my 2009 CV: Created two Real Estate Property Development concepts for:

o International Airport & Commercial Hub - 60 mln passenger capacity on A2 expressway. Lodz-Warsaw. $10 Bn USD

Called The DDMC-Gruzewski Plan since 2009, this preliminary project (my restricted work, reserved intellectual value, my time, efforts) was STOLEN by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, under Min A. Adamczyk, and Ministry of Country Development, under Vice Prime-Minister Morawiecki in March 20017. Proudly stolen and TV announced by a ruling PiS party Head, Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynki as The Morawiecki Plan (The DDMC - Gruzewski Plan since 2009). Nobody from Polish Government has asked me for a permission to use, release my work, or to take active / leading part in created by me airport concept plan; not a call, not a dime paid.!!! This is a serious THEFT case, which is prosecuted by the international laws, architectural Copy Rights. The Ministers, or their offices are asked to contact me ASAP, and at least pay for my concept, work and my time (ddmcglobal@gmail, +48.884.369.449, or : This is a third infrastructure / urban planning / property development concept / plan STOLEN from me by Polish high officials / Govt representatives (Piskorski, Adamczyk, Morawiecki, Kaczynski).

o Warsaw's New City Downtown, high-rise (up to 76-storey), mixed use property development located on 1,370 ha.