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We offer project financing opportunity in the areas of construction, architecture, development and business development

(service is not available this year)

Our primary source for funding can provide (through some of the largest American banks, lenders, and insurance companies) private equity capital. We prefer US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Caribbean and Mexico based projects, but can go into other international arenas ($ 25 million USD minimum) on a project by project basis. We can help with funding on the following project types: Apartment Buildings, Construction Financing, Subways, Energy Projects, Factories, Films, Manufacturing Plants, Marinas, City Planning, Hospitals, Mixed use Commercial, Residential and Resort Developments, Office Buildings, Retail, Self Storage Facilities, Shopping Centers, Expressways, large scale Garages, Airports, Theme Parks, and Warehouses, etc. PRINT application form, PROVIDE ALL INFORMATION, AND MAIL IT to us.


Funding is available for almost any RE Development, Investment, Business Development and Construction project if above $25 million USD in cost (projects must be located in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia or the EU). The interest may vary from 7,95 % to 8,95 % depending on project's size, location, type, client assets (35% - 50% of a client financial input is required), and good credit history. Each project is different. That is why we consider each case individually.

Basic fees, documents (Application Form, and later Business Plan, Feasibility Study, photographs, plans) are needed to initiate loan application process. I lead and assist clients through all stages to successful funds approval. Usually, any professionally presented project is pre-approved for a final step within 4-5 weeks. Reviewed, and assisted by me loan requests have about 95% of a chance to receive funding. We do not accept loan applications for projects, which have no chances for approval. The information is provided by me up in front, without misunderstandings or future disappointments.

Please see detailed description below:

How to Apply for Financing:

As an initial step in the process of Project Financing we require a completion of the Application Loan Form ($500 USD). This process is assisted by me, after reading project description and reviewing its presentation (in M. Word, or Power Point). If a project has a chance for a loan, it is me, who determines if the initial payment will be requested for the above mentioned Application processing. Together with a Statement a short agreement is sent to a client. If a Loan Application is approved by me and my business partners, $2,750 USD Retainer is requested to cover part of our time, telecommunication, printing and mailing expenses. Only then, we assist clients further. There might be an additional fee involved if client does not have properly written Business Plan, poor project presentation, or if our time invested in documents verification, corrections, communication, other assistance exceeds 24 hrs. Clients are requested to have all documents professionally prepared, all data correctly presented. Again, each loan is different, and we work with each client on individual bases.

Without an initial application form we will not be able to consider or process any applicant's project financing request. We will process the client's Application for a Loan, and interested party will be notified within 21 days (30 days for international large scale projects) about the further instructions regarding completion of the Letter of Interest Application for Project Financing.  All other applications requested by financial institutions will be completed by us on your behalf using your information.

Project Financing:

We offer project financing opportunity in the areas of construction, industries, development and urban infrastructure. 

Our services encompass legal subjects, joint venture, cooperatives, and municipal and central government subjects.

The necessary condition to obtain the credit is project's the solid economical documentation and the realistic payment ability plan. It is required that you supply us with the business opportunity pre-feasibility study or feasibility study and credit payment assumption plan. We offer and facilitates to perform the business opportunity pre-feasibility or feasibility study, depending on your needs.

The first step is completing of the Application Form

We strongly recommend to send us any additional information, which may help us in project's evaluation. Each application is considered Individually and based on current interestrates.

Repayment Periods and the US Lending Rates:
Up to 10 semi-annual
3-year Treasury Rate+ 1%; CIRR Rate is about 3.17%
Over 10 up to 17 semi-annual
5-year Treasury Rate + 1%; CIRR rate is about 3.98%
Over 17 semi-annual
7-year Treasury Rate + 1%; CIRR rate is about 4.67%
Project Finance Program
We offer financing of projects and trade at low interest rates. We provide financing for projects mainly based on government capital of the USA, Canada, European and Asian developed countries, international financing institutions, commercial banks and other sources. Each credit application is reviewed individually and based on project category, assets and guaranties.
We offer:
Projects financing at low interest rate based on government capital of U.S.A, Canada, European and Asian developed countries, as well as international financial institutions, commercial banks and other sources.
Transfer of technologies, licenses and franchising. Procurement leading for the delivery of technology, license and technological lines to complete turn-key projects and individual supply of equipment.
Joint Venture Cooperation with American, Canadian and Mexican Companies.
Assistance in Privatization based on already tested and individually developed programs in conjunction with latest technology and international capital.
Project & Construction Management.
Initial phase of the preparation for USD 2.0 Billion Financing Infrastructure Project.
Initial stage of other Financing Manufacturing Projects.
Development of American - Chinese – GCC Joint Venture in the field of industrial construction.
Servicing Banks: American Banks and private investors
Projected Gross Annual Processing Value: Anticipated financing for 2003: US$ 2.1 billion

Page 1.

In the first line please state the total amount of required loan in US dollars, as well as the name of the project. Attached all the documentation that you have; business plan, pre-feasibility study, etc. Information and the documentation that you provide will enable us to evaluate the project and make decision regarding it’s financing and it's realization.


In spite of the fact that in the above attachments you will provide the information that will be required to be repeated again on the following pages of the application, we expect that each line on each page to be completed accurately, truly to the facts and diligently according to our expectations. Falls and misguided information given in the application will void the project and we will terminate its services.


Line 1. Provide the complete name of your business, up to date address with your postal code, tel./fax, E-mail address and your Web site.

Line 2. List the names of the management and all directors; beside each name state their position and function.

Line 3. State the full registration date of your business. If not possible, provide the year of the registration.

Line 4. State the legal status of the business according to the business registration documents. Please provide all the business registration numbers.

Line 5. Give us a concise description of company origin, legal status, ownership, facilities, business activities (and any major changes during last 3 years), primary market(s), subsidiaries, affiliates, and commonly owned companies. In addition to names of corporate and individual owners, provide the address of individuals with an ownership interest of at least 25% in non-financial institutions. Please use an additional attachment sheet if needed.

Name of any related or commonly owned company that accounted for more than 25% of company sales or purchases during the last fiscal year.

Line 6. State the gross sales in the last three years in US dollars.

Line 7. State the amount of income or loses in the last three years in US dollars.

Line 8. State and additionally on the separate attachment sheet please describe the total value of the properties own by the owner of the project, according to the description provided in this line. Please take into consideration the% of your shares in other companies, stated in US dollars.

Page 2.

Line 9. State the latest employment figures of the company that owns the project, as well as others where the ownership is 51% or more.

Line 10. State the total area of allow building structures (industrial, commercial, storage facilities, offices, etc., including leased space. Please provide a copy of the leasing agreement with its English version.

Line 11. State the total area of allow real estate properties including the property on which the project is planned. In case of the leasing property, provide us with a copy of the leasing agreement with its English version.

Line 12. Please provide the registered number of the Land Registry, as well as the addresses of Notary Offices for those real estates listed in line 11. If the purchase of land for the planned project is considered, state the cost of the transaction involved. If financing of this land purchase is considered, then the full documentation is required. / Land surveying maps, Statement of the Land Registry, estimates, agreements, etc.. Except maps all documents must be translated into English.


Line 1. Accurately describe the type of the project. Additionally provide the description of intended change of the production profile, from military to civvies-commercial.

Line 2. Provide full financial documentation. If the financial documentation was ordered, please attach copies of such orders and agreements.

Line 3. As above.

Note ! Any financial, technical and process documentation provided must be submitted in English in five (5) copy sets. Additionally one set is to be in the original language

Line 4. Provide copies of all documents regarding permits, licenses and agreements with the local, territorial or central administration. The documents must be translated into English. In case of inability of such documents, please describe the level of their advancement and the nearest date of their supply.

Line 5. As above.

Line 6. If the business plan or feasibility study does exist as well as complete technological /process documentation with progress schedule is available, then state the time span according to the progress schedule. If this documentation is not available state the approximate time table and the date when they will be ready.

Page 3.

Line 7. The time schedule for loan use should be ahead of time schedule stated in line 6.

Line 8. If precise data in the financial documentation are not available state approximately investment amounts in each required position in line 8. Otherwise give precise data that is included in the financial documentation.

Line 9. Generally, state the amounts of your own sources (USD) towards the project, as well as the value of your real estate, buildings, equipment, materials and labour.

Line 10. In practice, lending institutions accept semi-annually or annually repayment plan, although semi-annual period is preferable.

Terms of loan repayment are either:
* short term plan - 10 semi-annual payments; up to 3 years or/and up to 5 years,
* medium term plan - 17 semi-annual payments; up to 5 years or/and up to 8.5 years
* long term plan - above 17 semi-annual payments; about 10 years
When long-term plan is chosen the following process is followed:
* type of loan repayments – semi-annually (every six months),
* construction - three and a half years (3.5),
* waiting period – three semi-annual payments (1.5 years),
* loan repayments- twenty semi-annual payments (10 years)

This represents total of 15 years from the moment of (project) construction till the last semi-annual loan repayment including: construction 3.5 years, waiting period 1.5years, loan repayments 10 years. Exceptionally for large projects– mainly the government sponsored projects – in the scale of $1 to $5 billion US, repayment period over 15 years may be negotiated.

Line 11. State the estimated cover source for project’s cost, according to stated expectations inline 11. If there is any project financial documentation, then the stated data in line 11 should correspond to that of the documentation.

Line 12. The description in this line may be a rough estimate when no financial documentation is available, otherwise the provided data should correspond to the data of business plan or financial documentation


Important Notice

It is very important, that project owners have to posses sufficient "seed money" to start the project. The more cash money put in the project, the more chances to obtain a quick financing from financial institutions. The project owners’ money is used mostly to cover costs of the pre-investing phase as well as the beginning of the investing phase – an accomplishment of the project. The phase includes a wide range of consulting and engineering operations and consists of:

* setting up legal, financial and logistic basis to accomplish the project,
* decisions, purchases and transfer of technology and initial technical projecting.
Page 4.


Please list accurately all other project owner’s financial liabilities. Any misleading information may terminate the project financing process.

Line 1. Please state in appropriate section if project’s owner is interested in any other services besides the project financing. When owner of the project possess the free production and engineering availability indicate it by x in the space- co production, and provide description of such proposition of cooperation with US firm, Canadian or Mexican.
Line 2. State the reason for such cooperation with American, Canadian or Mexican partners and describe the kind of business activity.
Line 3. Precisely describe your detailed expectations from your business partners. 
Page 5.

Accurately filled Application for Foreign Currency Loan together with the processing fee payment should be sent to Mr. Gruzewski. We. have no obligation to consider the Application without provided processing fee payment.

Note! In case of a missing document, for example construction permit, or lacking some information while Application is being submitted, please state the expected time of their submission. Some documents can be submitted to the lender within six months from the date when the Letter of Intent(LI) is received.

For the most part of the financial institutions, qualifying project financing commission meets once every month, therefore any missing document or information before commissions meeting would move the Application to be considered for the following date. On our part, we will be requesting these missing information from the owner of the project by return mail. Success in project completion will be achieved through smooth mutual cooperation between the project’s owner and us.
In case of big private projects, local and central government support and help will be often requested. No big project can have adversaries at any local or central level of administration. As per lenders, project owners are divided in "Public Sector" or "Private Sector". The Public Sector Project has at least 51% shares of different government levels. All projects with up 49% shares of different government levels are called Private Sector Projects.
If you cannot supply us with proper documents, the estimated costs of the financial documentation according to the project amounts is as follows:
1.0%– 3.0 % of the project amount for small and medium industrial projects
0.2 – 1.0% of the project amount for big industrial projects with developed technology and marketing. 
If interested in financial assistance for any project between $25 million and $900 million USD, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will lead you through the application, and a loan acquiring process. Depending on your presentation, project documentation FIRST step takes 4 to 5 weeks (application); SECOND, and final step may take from 2 to 4 months, depending on your project size, type, amount of money requested, profibility, and location.
We cannot arrange loans below $25 million USD - Clients must have 35% to 50% of their own assets.

Regards, J. J. Gruzewski