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Poland's unique geopolitical location in Central Europe
North/South and West/East Trans-Europen crossroads
We have access to many attractive and inexpensive invest sites and other real estate properties
in all regions of Poland. We can search any location to match your requirements for best investment.

Best locations for potential development and real estate investments in Poland
... mountain resorts, sanatoriums, clinics, smaller hotels, bed and breakfast, winter sport facilities, hiking routs
B ... golf resorts with apart hotels and residential areas, horse ridding schools, biking, hiking
C ... beach resorts, yachting, marinas, and housing with apart hotels, golf, supportive services
D ... lake resorts, marinas, boating, golf, water skiing, horse riding, biking, summer camps
E ... large housing developments, apart hotels, shopping centers, services
G ... commercial, industrial and road services; sale salons, warehouses, motels
H ... 4 and 5 star hotels, commercial and shopping centers
R ... farms, orchards, agricultural facilities, plantations
most regions of Poland have attractive and inexpensive historic residencies for sale
please contact us for more info, legal and search assistance.