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Boston, Massachusetts

Mobile: +971 50-4559-567


NATIONALITY:          American and EU


ACADEMIC:              MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Tech., Master of Architecture, Cambridge


QUALIFICATIONS:     American Federal Employment Agency GS-0808-15 - executive roles approved

The Compton Awarded, USA 


                             Senior Level Project Management Assessment Test passed, Dubai 2005

                             Awarded Senior Proj.Manag. role to lead Arabian Canal Development, Nakheel


CRED course – Center for the Real Estate Development, USA


                             * Visiting Lecturer: 3rd EASA Congress of Architecture, Lisbon, EU

                             * Teaching Assistant of Advanced Urban Planning Courses, SIGUS, MIT


You are the most decent and honourable professional I have met in my whole life.  Knowing you have been a treasure, I mean it in all proportion.  Yours always. Saleh A.Y., Managing Director, Saudi A.





25+ years of experience in winning, managing and delivering quality projects in the UAE, Oman, EU and the US, on all phases of project execution. Strong leadership, PM, supervisory, project + design management, market research, real estate marketing and business development skills.


Former VP, Design Director, MD, Project Manager, Sr Design Manager, Operations Director of Architecture with the strong project management supervisory skills. I have worked with the RE property developers, and known design consultants. I have led iconic, mixed use developments, hospitality, residential of commercial projects worldwide. I have managed and organized international architectural completions  - one for KSA (Dammam)


I have been involved in the following high-end projects:


-           The $26 billion Saadiyat Island mixed use development, Abu Dhabi  - PM

-           $ 800 million USD The Mimari World Trade Centre project, Turkey (1988)

-           $1.30 billion Abu Dhabi Mangroves Retail and Residential development (167 ha)

-           $3.75 billion Maribat waterfront hospitality, marina and residential development on 430 ha,, Oman

-           $ 1.25 Billion USD Schutow Residential, Hospitality and Retail development in Germany (620 ha)

-           Abu Dhabi Global Village – International Souk (retail) development (90 ha)

-           $ 1 billion Porto Jumeirah iconic waterfront development (3 hotels), Dubai (120 ha) – project director

-           $900 million Untergohren Residential Resort with Marina, Germany (230 ha)

-           Al Qurum Waterfront hospitality development proposal, Oman

-           The Palm Jumeirah development (Design Management role), Dubai

-           The Olympia Beach Resort and hotels, Greece (105 ha) – PM role

-           The LSM City redevelopment, Central Europe (290 ha) – professor assistant

-           Ajman Marina master-planning, Ajman Emirate, design management and PM

-           Dubai-Land Tennis Community tourism destination development (177 ha)

-           The Pilica Palace, $34 million, 82,000 SF historic reconstruction project in Europe

-           Hawaii West Beach Resort and Hotels, Hawaii, USA (210 ha), 1988,

-           $9.6 Billion  USD Abu Shum Um Resort development, competition project, 890 ha, Abu Dhabi

-           $124 million Jasna Polana Estate;  47,000 SF,  $29 million Mansion,   Head of Design and PM

-           and many other hospitality, museum,, and commercial projects


I run and direct departments, consultants, GCs, PM + Design teams.  




03.2008 – 01.2010         Design + Property Development Management Consultants, Dubai

                                    VP of DESIGN and RE Property Development –



I managed consultants, budgets, project time-frame, project feasibility studies to ensure timely submittals, reviews and approvals and the overall flow of information. Technical reviewer. I administrated the pre contracts, budgeting, projects planning, and scheduling.


The BQ.  Office high-rise TowersKSA (SAR 120 MM development). 340,000 SF commercial projects.

Client relation, Design supervision.  Project leadership.


I managed overall office administration, budget, communication, design processes, meetings and presentations.  My early involvement added value by determining any feasible alternatives by:


·         analyzing all aspects of the design: site constraints, codes

·         reducing construction risks by identifying improper design solutions

·         aligning clients business needs with a project outcome

·         achieving optimum value by evaluating design options

·         managing consultants and staff

·         using my design knowledge early in the design process reduces errors in the construction phase

·         reducing construction risks by properly coordinating design documents

·         coordinating projects with local authorities to ensure, that a design is compliant with the local law

·         providing project budget control


I have market researched and created proposals for two mega  developments :

·         International Airport for 28 million/year pass., with residential and commercial districts on 2,800-3,200 ha

·         Mixed use,  new city centre located on 1,370 ha plot (location confidential). High-rise development


Real Estate property market research:

·         Prepared and presented the EU located RE investment opportunities brief to selected  GCC Property Developers: Emaar, Damac, Dubai Holding, Tatweer, Dubai Properties, Aldar.



       Received employment pre-proposal for a Vice President of DESIGN position in Abu Dhabi – 2008



01.2007 – 01.2008         DUBAI, UAE  (ATKINS - PMC)

                               OPERATIONS DIRECTOR – (DESIGN MANAGER till June)


Responsible for the signature projects and delivery of high quality PM services including: urban planning and architectural design evaluation, consultant’s selection and their work supervision, documents check and approval. PM and Design Management leadership. Projects’ qualities reviewer. Selected consultants and provided time + cost program for the $ 27 billion Bawadi mixed use Development final master planning phase. Directed all phases of a unique $700 MN Cultural Center in Al Khobar, KSA.  I managed 7 international teams, project managers, architects, commercial-business managers. Business Development supervisor:


o    Led presentations for the SACC Board of Executive Directors

o    Led meetings with Senior Managers

o    Directed prep of the  Competition Design Scope of Work

o    Controlled outgoing and incoming documentation

o    Monitored Consultants, Established Fees, Approved Contracts, Monitored all phases

o    Created RFI and Technical Review Criteria and Sustainable Design guidelines


·         Reviewed 2,740 ha Saadiyat Island Development master planning and Museums’ design qualities.

·         Established weakest points of each Museum and provided developer with suggested design corrections

·         Verified Urban Planning Design Guidelines for the Saadiyat Island $26 Billion USD development.

·         Assisted Client in the selection of Architectural Consultants (Main Designer).

·         Wrote Design Guidelines for two mid scale, mixed used developments (next to Jumeirah Lake Towers).




Received  CEO approved, RE Property Development Director  position by Tatweer – signed in October,  2007

To lead development management of large scale Golf and mixed use developments, Tiger Woods Golf.


Received employment proposal  for  a VP of DEVELOPMENT position in Puerta V., Mexico  – April,  2006



04.2006 - 07.2006          DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY, Dubai

                                    PROJECT DIRECTOR

                                    $1 Billion Porto Jumeirah Hospitality development.


Ø Developed financial models and construction cost plan for entire development.

Ø Prepared preliminary development program for high, mid and l low density options

Ø Created project program and architectural guidelines for 3 hotels, town-houses and villas design

Ø Checked and Approved Declaration of Interest, RFP documents, and land use programs.

Ø Selected and interviewed the most suited Design Consultants

Ø Directed master planning process and Instructed Master Planner

Ø Monitored consultants responsible for the Hydrodynamic Studies, and Sustainability

Ø Monitored contracts, reports and projects presentations.  Directed manager’s work



01.2004 - 12.2005          SENIOR DESIGN MANAGER / PROJECT  ARCHITECT  – Dubai, UAE.


Ø  Designed the 9,800 SM Emirates Palace Marina Club for Abu-Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel. UAE

Ø  Led master-planning of the ADTA Waterfront Hospitality and Residential development (167 ha). Abu Dhabi.

Ø  Directed design of the Global Village International destination Souk project. Abu Dhabi

Ø  Directed 170 ha Tennis Sport Community master-planning project for Dubai Land. $1,3 BLN

Ø  Managed  Al-Quoz housing development (14,000 inhabitants). Jumeirah International. Dubai

Ø  Monitored master-planning for a waterfront Residential + Marina development   in Muscat, Oman.

Ø  Created Design Guidelines and a Program for the Jumeirah Palm Hotel, 400 room 5 star hotel.



10.1999 - 11.2003          G&P ASSOCIATES – Cambridge, Massachusetts

                                    DESIGN  DIRECTOR


09.1996 – 09.1999         HRESKO INC. – Boston, Massachusetts

                                    PROJECT MANAGER


o       Supervised Design and PM teams, Interfaced with the clients, consultants and the GCs.

o       Directed public bids for the Massachusetts State commissioned projects. 

o       Managed US Government commissioned commercial and historic projects.



05.1993 – 05.1996         STUDIO ABC INTERNATIONAL -  Europe

                                    MANAGING DIRECTOR – REAL ESTATE


o       Cooperated with the General Contractors and Local Government. Directed design management.

o       Successfully managed design phases and GC, structural , electrical, HVAC consultants.

o       Cooperated with Real Estate Property Developers (EU, Middle East and USA)

o       Design and remodelling of Sta Madalena 10,900 SF historic residence. Lisbon

o       Liaise with the Clients, Contractors, and the Consultants.

o       Market development and RE property promotion (sales)

o       Received  Design Director offer  to lead iconic  Belas Golf Resort with Intercontinental Hotel, EU

o       Received Chief Architect proposal to design 2 Cultural Pavilions for Portugal - EXPO 1998


02.1992 – 06.1993         MINORU YAMASAKI  AND ITCM DEVELOPMENT GMBH – Munich, Germany.

                                    PROJECT ARCHITECT and LEAD URBAN PLANNER


Coordinated design and PM process of hospitality and mixed use developments.

Assisted RE Developer (ITCM) in projects’ scheduling, conceptual design, PM, and in business development.

Provided ongoing information about all projects’ design progress.  Participated in all management meetings.

Worked with the RE property developers (ITCM clients). Coordinated work of consultants.


o    $ 400 million OLYMPIA Beach Resort (and Hotel). Lead Architect.

o    GYOR Hotel design for Hungarian property developer. Project Architect

o    HUNOR-PARK Hotel in Hungary. High-rise hotel design. Project Manager

o    $1.25 Billion SCHUTOW I&II, Rostock, "Commercial, Retail, Office, and Residential development.

o    Head of Design for the  Schutow Hotel, 2 Schutow Office Towers, and Expo Hall.

o    Project Architect of plots: #9 and #8. Urban Planner of Part II.

o    The UNTERGOHREN Marina Resort project near Berlin.  Lead Urban Planner



09.1988 – 09.1990;        P.T. PROCESS INC. - PRINCETON, NJ. , US

                                    Main Consultant to Mrs. B. P. Johnson (Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Corporation)

                                    CHIEF ARCHITECT – CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR


·         The BRIGHT MEADOW, $124 million, New Jersey Estate. Role: Main Consultant.

$11.7 million reconstruction, OM and design very iconic and known project (1990 prices)

·         The Pilica Palace, 78,000 SF high-end project in Central Europe. Design management and PM.

$9,2 million USD priced reconstruction project – Head of Design and PM



01.1988 – 09.1988         MINORU YAMASAKI ASSOC., INC. - TROY, MI, USA

                                    (best Known for the Manhattan Twin Towers, World Trade Centers, and signature projects)



o    The $800 MM Mimari World Trade Center, project. Turkey. High-rise project.

o    The Crain Telecommunication main office, commercial project, Detroit, MI.

o    The West Beach Resort in Hawaii. High-end waterfront development. Team Designer.



11.1985 – 12.1987         URBAN PLANNER - EUROPE & USA


   Projects included:

   Master Planning of Checiny Town (City Hall commissioned, independent project - Chief Urban Planner),

   Brwinow Community development (urban planning for Brwinow Township)

   design involvement in the HQs of Caixa de Depositos Bank, and commercial projects. Design.



USA Federal Employment Agency ranked for the supervisory GS-0808-15 roles (1 to 15 scale)










My additional broad areas of operation are:











My additional services are focused on project management of iconic projects, market research, business development, projects / RE developments hunt (GCC and EU), close cooperation with the RE property investors and developers.



Marketing Research process is a set of six steps which defines the tasks to be accomplished in conducting a marketing research study.


These include

1.   problem definition,

2.   developing an approach to problem,

3.   research design formulation,

4.   field work,

5.   data preparation and analysis,

6.   report generation and presentation


Apart from the above Market Research my management services cover Project Management of pre-construction phases, architectural and urban planning  management, design qualities improvement, projects cost effectives, improvement of consultants performance,  PM teams supervision and architectural operations (former Operations and Design Director).


As an Executive Manager I also can search for available PM and construction business opportunities in the GCC and EU using my previous and current contacts with the RE Property Developers.  I search for projects to be designed and project managed by the PMC.


I enhance communication between Senior Executives,  Contractors,  and the  Clients, Consultants, Governmental Institutions, and Municipalities.


My Market Development Procedures included well balanced stages:

·         Market penetration methods

·         Detailed steps market analyses

·         Market Research data collecting

·         Area and business contacts analyses and matching

·         Marketing business development

·         Business development plan (in some situations)

·         Market Development Policy analyses

·         Results Presentation

·         Client Approach

·         Contract Negations (together with Contract Manager)

·         Contract Arrangements (with a COO or RD)


My  PM and Design Management include :

Ø  Client Representation

Ø  Site Selection Assessment

Ø  Design Consultants selection

Ø  Consultants work progress supervision

Ø  Design Briefs, and Urban Planning Guidelines preparation

Ø  Design Process Supervision

Ø  Proper communication flow assurance

Ø  Recommendations

I manage design development phases  of hospitality, commercial, sport and mixed use developments. I am well qualified to manage architectural competitions for the Municipalities and Government  RE Developers. I correct / improve projects.


You are the most under rated, decent and honourable professional I have met in my whole life.  Knowing you have been a treasure, I mean it in all proportion. We are shooting high, and with you, Jerry ! Yours always. Saleh A.Y., Managing Director, Saudi Arabia.










Jerry is a highly gifted talent in architecture and executive management. He brings an international perspective to his work and is readily able to present global best practices to problems. With ease he combines his experiences in North America, Europe and the MENA region to offer truly unique solutions providing a platform for profitability and international recognition.”    A. Flanagan , CEO & President , B. Properties LLC, SF California, USA; was a consultant or contractor to JERRY



arch. Gruzewski has provided me with high quality services throughout ...  He was responsive to our needs and sensitive to our financial realities. Boston, Mass.



... eng. Gruzewski is one of the finest managers we have worked with. His professionalism and outstanding planning abilities place him among the most talented architects we have met ... without hesitation, I would use his assistance again ...





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